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I feel forever grateful that I’m able to share my journey and the amazing gift of yoga with others. To inspire and support all of you who decide to step into your power and embody your purpose. 

Exploring movement has been present in my life since early childhood. A big part of my life was dedicated to dance – especially modern jazz. Oh, how I loved it – it created space for me to be present, to feel and to express myself. I have spent a few summers in New York City, immersing myself in dance and yoga.

It was there that I have started to really dive into yoga practice and started to realize, how my practice on the mat is transfoming and enriching my interactions with myself and with the world outside. And then things started to unfold – I have attented different yoga teacher trainings and made major changes in the way I think and live my life.


Honoring the gift of life, truly loving and embracing myself, being filled with gratitude and living my purpose may seem like the most natural things to me now, but it wasn’t always so… There was a time when I struggled with depression and felt very alone. There was no joy and no sense of purpose in my life. I was alive, but not truly living. My unique gifts wanted to be born into this world, but I wasn’t able to allow it to happen, because of lack of self-love and self-acceptance.

The major turnaround happened for me in New York City. I went there to take dance and yoga classes and little did I know that I would experience freedom and the inner joy that comes from doing what you love every single day. The seed of what I am here to do started to awaken. Diving deeper into the practice of yoga and other personal development practices, took me on a challenging, but the most rewarding inner journey and it continues to take me places I have never imagined.

Santosha Joga, Urška Umek s.p.

Kogejeva 7, 1000 Ljubljana


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